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Youth for Climate Action with Risper Asembo

On this new episode of Boots on the Ground Podcast, Dibblex speaks with Risper Asembo, a Kenya environmentalist, climate and social justice activist, a wildlife conservationist and the founder of Beyond the trails Kenya. Risper grew up in Western Kenya in a flood prone area and she witnessed the negative effects of climate change first hand since it used to flood every time it would rain. Her push to wanting to understand more about the environment was nurtured as she engaged herself in volunteering for local organizations such as the wildlife clubs of Kenya.

Risper, who is the founder of Beyond the trails Kenya states that so far they have managed to reach 5,000 learners and they have planted over 7,000 trees through this initiative. Climate education is top of her agenda to reach our young people. She targets to plant 1 million trees and educate 10 Million learners in the next decade.

She argues that we humans are the key drivers of climate change. Unsustainable agricultural practices, the move from organic farming to GMO's, urbanization and land subdivision are some of the factors she attributes to causing climate change. Risper says we need to protect our forests from encroachment and use our resources in the right manner plus put more efforts into building renewable energy.

"As young people, we need to spread more word about climate change impacts and solutions since a lot of people are ignorant and climate crisis deniers". - Risper

Risper challenges us the youth to volunteers our time and skills, to live sustainably, to lead by example, to be doers and to always look and calculate our carbon footprint. Her favorite animals as she shares with us is the Giraffe. Listen in to the end of this podcast to know why.

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About the Guest

Risper Asembo is a Kenyan environmentalist, climate change and social justice activist, a wildlife conservationist and the founder of Beyond the Trails Kenya. With over three years of experience, Risper has led various youth environmental sustainability initiatives in Nairobi, Narok and Busia counties. She is the country mentor volunteer at the African Climate Reality Project and new deal for nature and people Ambassador of the African Network of Young Leaders for Peace and Sustainable Development.

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