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Walking with Gorillas by Dr. Gladys Kalema Zikusoka

In this podcast, Dr. Gladys shares about her uplifting 4 part memoir, walking with gorillas which is set to be released in March this year. She points out that she likes writing and that she expresses herself easily through words. We talk through what motivated her to pen down this beautiful memoir, her favorite chapter in the book and some of the top conservation issues addressed in the book.

Dr. Gladys says that this memoir will inspire people to become changemakers in their respective fields. You are in for a treat on this one for sure as this book will take you from where her Journey with gorillas began.

Link to full podcast episode

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About the Guest

Dr. Gladys Kalema Zikusoka is founder and CEO of Conservation Through Public Health, an award winning NGO that protects endangered Gorillas and other wildlife through one health approaches. After graduating from the Royal veterinary college of London in 1996, she established Uganda wildlife authority's first vet departments. In 2000, she did a zoological medicine residency and and master in specialized veterinary medicine at North Caroline zoological park and North Carolina State University where masters research on disease at the human/wildlife/livestock interface led her to found CTPH in 2003. In 2015, she founded Gorilla Conservation Coffee to support farmers living around habitats where Gorillas are found.

An award winning and celebrated conservationist, Dr. Gladys is the current chairperson of the African chapter of the explorers club, she sits on the leadership council of Women of the environment in Africa, and she is Vice President of the African Primatological society.

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